Izabel E. T. de V. Souza, M.Ed, CMI-Sp, Ph.D.
Intercultural Communication Expert
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My research focuses on three areas:

Interpreting as Interaction

  • First there is the interaction itself, and I have studied interpreting as interaction, vs. a linguistic exercise.
  • The practice of intercultural mediation in healthcare as stated by the practitioners themselves
  • I have studied the staff medical interpreter as a cultural agent in the organizations for which they work.

Interpreting Competencies

  • In 2006 I presented a new model for community interpreter competencies, which also compared competencies of medical, legal, and social services interpreters.
  • In 2009 I participated in developing the first national job analysis for medical interpreters, a pre-requisite for a psychometrically sound medical interpreter certification.


Language Access Management

  • When I worked at Cambridge Health Alliance, as intercultural and linguistic educator, I had the opportunity to work on improvements to the language management systems, specifically looking at how organizations use metrics to assess and address the language needs of their patient population.
  • Our hospital was one of ten that worked on a national project to develop five national quality standards for medical interpreting services. One of them has been adopted by NQCA.